Making A Difference

Online-Tutoring-MarketThis website is a big believer and supporter of making a difference in the world. In terms of education, prevention and awareness this website attempts to do it all. However your help is needed in order to spread the world and help promote online safety everywhere.

What you can do to make a difference

If you have any computer skills no matter how basic they may be please spread the word. Everyone is strongly encouraged to help as many people as they can to become not only computer literate but also internet savvy. Regardless of what your skill set is,even if it simply sending out emails,we challenge you to find people who know less than you do and go out and help them.

The challenge to you

From youth centers to old age homes wherever you feel the most comfortable or recognize the most need, you can help people and make a huge difference. If you have old computers or technology which you are no longer using consider donating it to a good cause. If you have children start teaching them about online security and safety right from the start of them using computers.

If you can make a different to educate even one person about computers,technology or the internet then now is your time to go ahead and do it. If you have the time to volunteer there are plenty of places that can use your help.

Get in touch with organizations

If you would like to take part in an initiative or need help finding a campaign in your area there are many places and organizations that will help you. Even if you have old technology and computer equipment which you would like to donate,you can find a place in your area that would love to make use of your old things. Once you start searching for the right organizations in your area you will be surprised at how many of them would appreciate your help.